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Andrea Belcher is a Canadian-based artist specializing in fine art prints. Buy a high-quality print which you will enjoy for years to come. Let your home decor shine with original, digital printed art. Invest in digital art prints which will make your walls sing! Your interior environment matters, especially now. Purchase a piece of magic for your walls. 

Browse the selection of Digital Art Prints by Canadian Artist, Andrea Belcher and find the perfect design for you.    Digital prints are sent directly to you without framing, so you can choose the frame you want. Feature one digital art print as a statement piece. Collect your favorite fine art pieces and arrange them in a clever collage.   Art prints are available in many different sizes.   


The Bio: Andrea Belcher, Photographic Artist 

Andrea Belcher has a primary focus on landscape and minimalism when creating photographs for digital print art. Minimalist art lends itself to simple elements, leading lines, and negative space. With a background in graphic design, Andrea Belcher applies concepts to the photographic process to create stronger fine art prints. Graphic design knowledge also comes with a print component. It is essential to see the photograph in print, rather than on a screen. The process of printing changes the piece of art. The focus is on every detail: colour management, printing and shipping. Everything that will allow for artwork that can be displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime.  


Artist Statement: The motivation behind creating Limited Edition Prints and Digital Printed Art

I create fine art images based on colour, reflection and drama. The play of sunlight and vibrancy of colour play a big role in my portfolio. I use light to create a certain look or emotion. My passion is fueled by watching how light interacts with a subject.  I am driven to become a more sophisticated artist by combining light, emotion and graphic design principals. I hope this will shine through in my work. I would like so much if you could enjoy my high quality, fine art prints.

Art is a true desire to capture that which evokes emotion, memories, and so much more. It would be a great moment for me if I could blend emotion and art. In the meantime, my camera is my brush. I am intent on connecting emotion to art in the back of my mind. Learning to become a better artist is a long and winding road. There is much joy in the trip! Please browse through my digital art prints online shop. I would love to hear if the digital art touches your heart in some way. 


Home Décor and Digital Art Prints

One of the fastest ways to “make over” a room is to hang some art. Printable wall art can change the vibe and inspire a room’s potential. Art is going to show off your style faster than anything else you put in a room. Have some fun with this! Order a piece of digital art. Find a custom framing shop that can put even more “wow” into the printable wall art. This will make your home décor shine.   I am a proponent of collecting original art. Choose digital prints that mean something to you. This can help develop your personal style in a budget friendly way.  Since we are all staying home right now, there is no better time to buy from my digital art print shop. 

From stunning Canadian landscapes to dramatic architecture to shapely nudes, there are plenty of art prints that will look beautiful when decorating your home. With a variety of digital prints, you can select the perfect piece to add interest to your home décor.    

Prices vary based on the size of the print and the material used to produce the print. Please feel free to talk to me about your vision. For some people, purchasing digital print art is instinctive and easy. For others, it is harder to visualize what will look good in a particular location.  I am here so that the process will be easy and rewarding, rather than a chore. 


Where to print digital art? Find a Premier Photography Lab or High-End Printer!

I use Technicare Imaging for my high-quality digital prints. Technicare Imaging is an Edmonton-based quality printing company. Technicare uses colour management. Technicare will produce a quality print at an affordable price. The best care is taken with digital art during the printing process. The artwork is carefully packaged and shipped directly to the client.  I live in Calgary.  I am proud to have a Canadian company provide digital prints to my clients. 


Print Digital Art On-line

There are websites that will allow an upload of a digital print. The client can print digital wall art themselves. In this process, quality is jeopardized. There is no guarantee that the print will be a high quality. Technicare will produce a quality print. Technicare will also ship the digital art print directly to the client. 


Where do you get digital art printed?

Technicare Imaging offers several materials for producing digital printed art.

Buy Digital Art Prints Online in my Digital Art Print Shop

On my on-line digital art print shop, I offer the choice of metallic prints, lustre prints or canvas prints. 


  • Metallic photo paper has a distinctive, eye-catching, metallic look. Metallic digital prints feature vibrant skin tones, bright colours and a high gloss finish. I also offer lustre prints. 

  • Lustre prints have brighter, more vibrant colours and natural skin tones. A lustre digital print will not fade for over 100 years! 

  • Canvas prints are wrapped on solid stretcher frames with a 3/4" or 2" profile. The canvas prints come standard with saw tooth hangers and bumpers, ready for display. 


Digital Art Print Ideas

Technicare offers many options that I have not listed on my on-line store. Technicare produces artwork in metal, wood and acrylic. They also frame and matte. Please contract me by email or phone if you want such items. I will gladly put together a quote for you. 


Corporate Rates: Buy three or more prints on my digital art print online shop and save 20% 

Display quality images on the walls of your property to create a mood for your customers and potential clients. There is a discount for an order of three or more digital art prints. Contact me for the discounted rate!


Buy digital art prints to create your personal stamp in every room! 

Buy art that moves you. But digital prints that you connect with. Find the perfect digital art print for your home, office, or commercial space.

Check Out My On-line Gallery.  You my fine art canvas wrap collections. Please contact me with a size, image title and whatever other questions you may have regarding your preferences for a digital art print.  I will get back to you with a price and answer all your questions!