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Calgary Artist Selling Fine Art Prints 

Calgary Fine Art Photographer: Andrea Belcher, Selling Fine Art Prints

Andrea Belcher is a Calgary-based artist specializing in high quality fine art prints. Buy a unique print or set of prints which you will enjoy for years to come. Let your decor shine with art that was not purchased in a mall or department store. Invest instead in limited edition artistic pieces which are appropriate for the interior design and decor within your personal, commercial or corporate property. Your interior environment matters as much as your outdoor environment. Purchase a piece of magic for your walls. 

Andrea Belcher: The Bio 

Andrea Belcher has a primary focus on architecture, landscape and long-exposure minamalism. Minamalist art lends itself to simple elements, leading lines and negative space. With a background in graphic design, Andrea Belcher has applied the concepts to the photographic process to create stronger images. Graphic design has also a print component. It is essential to see the photograph in print, rather than on a screen. The process of printing changes the piece of art. The focus is on every detail, every colour, the specific type of paper - everything that will allow for artwork that can be displayed on a wall and enjoyed for a lifetime.  

Artist Statement

I create images based on colour, reflection and drama. The play of sunlight in the mornings and evenings, the vibrancy of the colour, the play of light on a black and white architectural shot all create interest to me. Creating light that highlights a particular theme, a symbol, an emotion, some sort of beauty is also a goal of my artistic process. Looking at how the light interacts with the subject, be it a nude or a bridge - this fuels my passion to create an image.   After learning about graphic design and taking photographs of people in beautiful light, I realized that many landscapes, architectural and city photographic scenes lend themselves to the same ideal. I am now driven to become a more sophisticated artist using light and emotion combined.

Art is a true reflection of a desire to capture that which evokes emotion, memories, silence, stillness. It would be a great moment for me if I could blend emotion and art. In the meantime, I am trying to paint the World in a different light and with the intention of connecting emotion to art in the back of my mind. Learning to become a better artist is a long and winding road but there is much joy in the trip.  Please see my gallery (- Under-Development).


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