Wedding Photography Packages and Family Photography Sessions

Calgary Wedding Photography Packages

Affordable Calgary wedding photographers are hard to find. I provide a quality experience that will feel genuine to you, your partner, your family and friends.  My Calgary wedding photography packages include a wedding day consultation, engagement photos, wedding day photography coverage, edited images and a web gallery of images. 

Engagement Sessions 

Any Calgary Engagement Photographer would highly recommend having engagement photos taken before a wedding. It's a chance to get to know each other. It's valuable to see how you look in the photos to determine what will look best on the wedding day. The couple learns what's expected and the nerves subside. Couples often look back at the engagement session as if it was a fun, romantic date night. Most couples would love to do it again.

Wedding Photography Packages: Style

My wedding photography is vibrant in color, while others prefer pastels and understated colors. Before you book a photographer, look at wedding photographs on-line and try to determine what it is that you like.  I like intimate, romantic, fun. I like nature, color and light.  I like easy-going, classic and elegant. What do you like?

If I'm a good fit, let's get this thing going! 

The End Use

Another thing to consider is what you want to do with your photos. Do you an album? Will you frame a photo and place it on a shelf or on a wall? Do you want a beautiful landscape shot with you and your partner in it? Do you want only digital prints?

My galleries are connected to a quality print store and it's simple to order prints on-line. You are also free to order the prints at a shop of your choice.

Calgary Wedding Photographers: Prices

Elopements (less than 10 people)

Your Investment: $1000*

Intimate Weddings (11-40 people)

Your Investment: $1500*

I have limited my wedding day coverage to five hours. I have an interest in elopements and small weddings. However, beautiful photographs take time and good lighting. Consider booking a portrait session of you in your beautiful dress on a day when you are not challenged by the schedule of your wedding day. You bought the dress and/or suit - so why not?

Calgary Photography Sessions

One Hour Session 



  •  One Hour Photography Session

  •  Eight (8) Edited Images**

  •  Delivered by Web Gallery or Drop Box

  •  Prints available through Technicare for an additional charge

  •  Perfect for couples, engagements, honeymoons & anniversaries

Two Hour Session 



  •  Two Hour Photography Session

  •  Twelve (12) Edited Images**

  •  Delivered by Web Gallery or Drop Box

  •  Prints available through Technicare for an additional charge

  •  Perfect for couples, engagements, honeymoons & anniversaries

  •  Great for families

  •  Models can bring three wardrobe changes.

*Prices are valid for the 2020 season only. Prices do not include tax.

For honeymoons, elopements, engagements, weddings and events outside of Calgary, let's connect for a personalized quote. I'd love to hear about your plans!

**Basic editing of photographs includes contrast, toning, cropping and exposure corrections. Photographs will be presented in a style that is consistent with what you see on this site.
Additional retouching can be added, but at an extra hourly rate. 

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