Signed Limited Edition Art Prints of Canada by Canadian Artists


limited edition print ensures art has an established value that will sustain itself over time. Limited edition prints may increase in value because the artist may gain popularity and the artwork will increase in its perceived value because there will be no future limited edition prints available to the market. Determining how many editions to produce is easier said than done. A larger supply will satisfy expected demand; however, if the supply is too great, the artwork loses value. A more exclusive run implies a higher value to clients, as they can be assured there will never be more copies of the work made available for purchase. 


Ideally, the same printer, paper and ink will be used to print each piece in a limited edition run. To ensure this during print production, the color process of the printer should be saved after the artist and printer have agreed on the test print. A small edition, with definite production limits set by the artist, is the best way to ensure a print holds its value. Some artists will guarantee a set number at a set size and then release more prints later at a different size. Whatever the policy, the artist must be clear up front with the buyer about the intentions to sell the artwork - now and in the future. Smaller editions will usually run at a higher cost to the buyer. 


A limited edition print will usually go through a test run by the artist. The photographer will have the printer produce a few test prints to confirm their quality. It is customary to retain these test prints, known as proofs, for potential sale at a later date. Proofs are often sold at a slightly higher price; they are perceived as being the artist copies, and they are even more rare than the signed limited edition print series which they preceded. Test proofs are usually labelled with a distinguishing mark.


Since authenticity and exclusivity is the heart of valuing limited edition art, the edition number is written on each proof, as well as on each limited edition print. Signed and numbered limited edition prints may seem inconsequential, but it has a substantial effect on the print’s value. A signed print proves the print is authentic while the edition number signifies its uniqueness and exclusivity. Most  artists write the edition number as a fraction at the bottom-left of the print and sign at the bottom-right; however, many photographers have opted to sign on the back of the print. Whatever the preference, the signing should be consistent on each print. In some cases, prints will come with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity. This is a further guarantee to the buyer that each print is genuine.


The Process: Limited Edition Prints by Canadian Artists


Many a Canadian artist such as Robert Bateman have a tracking system to record print sales. This edition log identifies key information, including the size of the print, the date sold, who purchased the print, and the edition number. Artists starting out often keep this information in an editions journal, more established artists often opt to store the information electronically. 



The Details: Limited Edition Art Prints in Canada


Each edition run is specified beside the artwork on the website. In general, my goal is to provide a price point for the residential buyer, the corporate buyer and the art collector. Having said that, as a general example– a buyer can expect 15 editions will be produced at the size of 350x500mm ($500 Cdn), 10 editions of 420x600mm ($1000 Cdn), 10 editions of 1060x1520mm ($3000 Cdn). There will be no future prints at other sizes made available.  


The print will go through the proofing process and when both the printer and the artist are satisfied with the test print, the digital file will be saved so that all the subsequent prints are exactly the same. An electronic edition book will be kept detailing the name of the buyer, a contact information, the image #, the image title, size, amount paid, edition #, payment, and sign date.


The archival chromogenic print will be numbered, titled, signed and dated on the reverse. A certificate of authenticity will be provided upon request.

Each limited edition print will be printed upon request. In that regard, the printer will have to provide details of when the print will be ready. This will be communicated to the client. The unframed print is shipped by insured ground mail within Canada. The cost of insured ground mail within Canada is included in the price of the limited edition print. Express shipping is an extra cost. Delivery outside of Canada is an extra cost. 


At this time, I am not offering a limited edition framed print, but I may offer this in the future. Sending an unframed signed limited edition print ensures you will be able to choose the matte and frame of your choice!


Why Purchase Signed Limited Edition Art Prints in Canada?


Canada’s exchange rate makes purchasing artwork quite affordable for those who live in the United States and other countries. For those who live in Canada, please continue to support the Canadian economy by purchasing limited edition prints in  Canada during these challenging economic times.


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