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The Tom Campbell Hill photograph is mine. I attempted to look up who Tom Campbell was, but there isn't much on the internet. I believe there is a sign that explains it all in the park. No doubt he was a Scottish rancher, that's my bet. Since I have a heritage within the Campbell clan, I'm going to go with that and if I'm wrong, I'll correct this post later on.

I take many photographs at sunrise and sunset. That's when the light is best. But also, that's when the sky is most interesting. It's often when the hustle and bustle of the city quiets. The birds chirp. The moon may even be rising.

At a certain point, in order to be featured - a cityscape or landscape photographer needs to stand against the rest of the many, many great photographers and that means getting up, staying up and getting out. It may mean being cold. I really dislike being cold but I've acquired a winter wardrobe that may not be attractive, but it is warm. It also means getting discouraged with a lot of mediocre or worse sunrises and sunsets.

Getting "good" at photography means you need to be willing and able to go out in conditions or times when other people are not. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The difference between an amateur and a pro is that an amateur does it when they feel like doing it and a pro does it every day.

My next side ventures is in astro photography. I want to learn to do star trails and auroras and the milky way. The photographers I stand beside stay up all night. I may need toothpicks for my eye lids. The learning is constant and continual, but in the meantime, it's great to be selected to stand with some great photographers in Calgary and by a great publication.

The very funny thing to me, is that I've never put myself in a photo before. I'm more comfortable on the other side of the camera! I'm more comfortable photographing couples! #thanks #tomcampbellhill #dailyhivecalgary #landscapephotographycalgary #cityscapecalgary #landscapephotographyyc

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